Island man with sex offences fails to stay away from children

Darryl Joseph Sock gets four more months in jail for not obeying court order

Published on May 24, 2014

Prince Edward Island provincial court

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A P.E.I. man with a record for sexual offences has both failed to take free treatment programs, nor complied with a court order to stay away from children.

Darryl Joseph Sock, 48, from the Brookfield area was back in provincial court before judge Nancy Orr this week for sentencing.

Sock was found guilty at trial earlier, of failing to comply with his court order to stay away from anyone under 16 years of age.

Orr gave him four months in jail, reduced by 45 days because of time already spent in jail waiting for his trial.

The court heard that Sock has a lengthy criminal record which includes convictions for sexual interference, assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats and robbery.

Orr noted that while in a federal penitentiary serving his most recent sentence for sexual interference, Sock was given opportunity to join programs for sex offenders and people struggling with substance abuse.

Sock did not take advantage of those programs, said Orr.

When he gets out of provincial jail this time, Sock will be  on probation for two years.

While on probation he is to undergo treatment, if required, for use of alcohol or drugs or any other underlying issue that may have contributed to this offence, Orr said.

That may include counselling for sexual deviancy and anger management, said Orr.

He remains under a court order not to take part in any activity that involves children under the age of 16. That includes not communicating with them by computer. He cannot go to any residence where persons under 16 live unless there is an adult present at all times.

He remains prohibited from being within 100 metres of any park, playground, community centre or other such place where he might come into contact with children.

Orr said that if he goes to a shopping mall he is to enter, make his purchase and leave. He cannot linger or loiter around the mall, she said.

Orr also ordered that Sock not purchase or consume alcohol or non-prescription drugs and must not enter any place where alcohol is served.

The Crown had asked for a sentence in the range of 12 months but defence lawyers said that was far too severe.

Orr said that Sock has made some progress addressing the issues that have affected his life but still has more to do.