Woman jailed for assaulting boyfriend, his daughter with bear spray

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Published on May 22, 2014
Prince Edward Island provincial court
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A 32-year-old Charlottetown woman who sprayed her former boyfriend and his teenage daughter with bear spray was sentenced Wednesday in provincial court to four months in the provincial correctional centre.

The sentence, which was subsequently reduced by 25 days in recognition of time served on remand, was imposed in the case of Christa Dawn Ellis.

Upon release from custody, Ellis will spend two years on probation. While on probation she is to have no contact whatsoever with either of the victims.

She must also undergo assessment, counselling and treatment, if required, for the use of alcohol and/or drugs or any other underlying issue that may have contributed to the commission of this offence.

Ellis must also provide a sample of her DNA for the national DNA databank.

Provincial Court Judge Nancy Orr also imposed a weapons prohibition.

The court was told Ellis approached the victim’s vehicle with a can of bear spray in her hand and sprayed the can’s contents into the vehicle through an open window.

The chemicals in the bear spray caused both victims to experience a burning sensation and red, watery eyes, as well as a build-up of phlegm in their throats.

Ellis fled the scene in a vehicle but her actions were caught on a video surveillance camera.