Fault within electrical circuit cause of Montrose fire

Published on May 22, 2014

Dave Rossiter, P.E.I.’s new fire marshal, stands outside his vehicle in Charlottetown. He takes over from Dave Blacquiere who held the post for 20 years.

©Guardian photo

MONTROSE – Provincial fire marshal Dave Rossiter has concluded the investigation into the structure fire in Montrose on Saturday.

The fire originated on the exterior of the home where the electrical service entered the home in the area of a covered patio. The cause of this fire was a fault within the incoming electrical circuit.

There were working smoke alarms within the home, but because the fire originated outside, the alarm notification was delayed. The fire forced the hasty evacuation of a family of three through a main level window.  

The fire marshal wants to stress the importance of having a planned escape route from your home. Rossiter also reminds Islanders that it is very important everyone in the household knows a second way out of every room, in case the primary route is blocked.