Dealing with Tory MP like playing chess with a pigeon: Easter

Malpeque MP Wayne Easter breaks out his pigeon impression to express his frustrations with Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre

Ryan Ross
Published on April 9, 2014

Malpeque MP Wayne Easter ruffled a few feathers with his impression of a pigeon during Wednesday’s question period in Ottawa as he rose to talk about changes to elections rules.

Easter’s remarks were directed at Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre in the ongoing debate over the Conservative government’s elections laws through the Fair Elections Act.

When he rose to his feet, Easter said dealing with Poilievre was like playing chess with a pigeon.

“He flaps his wings all over the place, knocks the pieces off the table, messes all over the table then struts around like he won the game,” Easter said.

As he spoke, Easter flapped his arms like bird and finished by stuffing his hands in his pockets before bobbing in a mock strut.

Before Poilievre could respond, Speaker Andrew Scheer rose and said he didn’t know what was in the coffee at caucus that morning, but the MPs were a little over the top.

“I have asked members before to hold off on using animal references. I do not think they are helpful through the course of debate,” he said.

Poilievre said he wanted to give Easter credit for creativity, but thought he had confused the games.

“He is playing charades and not chess over there.”


Malpeque MP Wayne Easter in the House of Commons Wednesday, April 9, 2014