Charlottetown woman sent to jail for stealing from her employer

Published on April 29, 2014
Scales of justice

A 21-year-old Charlottetown woman who stole close to $1,200 from a Needs convenience store while she was employed there was sentenced Tuesday in provincial court to 30 days in the provincial correctional centre.

Stephanie McKeough will serve her sentence on an intermittent basis on consecutive weekends.

Sentence was suspended on a second charge laid against McKeough for stealing items from Canadian Tire.

Upon completion of the custodial portion of her sentence she will be placed on probation for two years.

She must make restitution for the theft from the Needs store.

The charge against McKeough dates back some two years.

She was addicted to drugs at the time of theses thefts but has been drug free now for two years and has made other positive changes to her life.