Law society reprimands, fines member

Ryan Ross
Published on April 21, 2014
Scales of justice

The Law Society of P.E.I. has reprimanded one of its own members after allegations of professional misconduct involving a conflict of interest.

In a settlement agreement dated April 11, Charlottetown lawyer Paul Mullin accepted paying $22,000 toward the costs related to the investigation, paying a $3,000 fine and having a letter of reprimand placed on his record.

The complaint, which two of Mullin's former clients filed in May 2012, involved his role in their purchase and sale of shares in MJL Enterprises Inc., which develops web-based software.

At the time Mullin was the complainants' lawyer in unrelated matters, he was also a shareholder, officer, director and lawyer for MJL.

Prior to the reprimand, Mullin was a member of the law society in good standing since 1972 and had no record of professional regulatory charges.

An investigation by a member of the law society's disciplinary committee members found that in 2007 Mullin introduced the complainants to an investment opportunity in MJL.

The complainants did buy shares, which they later sold, and Mullin was involved in the transactions.

Mullin agreed to the allegations against him, including that his duties to the complainants and his personal interests were in conflict.

He also agreed to the allegation that he allowed his business activities outside of his law practice to jeopardize his professional integrity, independence or competence.

Mullin has 60 days from the settlement date to pay the fine and two years to pay the investigation costs.