Police to give update on 1997 unidentified body

Young man's body was found floating in Malpeque Bay by fishermen; exhumed in 2010 for more forensic study

Jocelyne Lloyd jlloyd@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on April 17, 2014

Members of the RCMP major crime section, P.E.I. Coroners Office and staff with the Peoples Cemetery exhume the body of an unidentified person, listed as John Doe, at Peoples Cemetery in Charlottetown Monday morning. The remains were transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where a team of forensic experts will try and piece together who the man is. Guardian photo by Heather Taweel

Police are set to give an update about an unidentified young man whose body was found in Malpeque Bay in 1997.

Local fishermen found the body floating in Malpeque Bay on June 7, 1997. The body was recovered by the crews of two lobster boats and transported to the Lennox Island wharf.

The person had been wearing a black leather belt with a Jack Daniels buckle, black leather boots, Broadway jeans and underwear with the initials G.L. written on the tag. The person has never been identified.


In 2010, the body was exhumed and forensic experts studied the case again, in hopes of identifying the young man they say was about 5'11'' tall with a 36-inch waist and back teeth in poor repair. The region's top RCMP reconstruction specialist was charged with preparing a replica to release to the public.

On Tuesday, April 22, RCMP will give an update on the case and will release the replica.

"Somebody is missing a family member,'' Mike Brazil told The Guardian during the 2010 exhumation. Brazil was the caretaker with People's Cemetery, where the remains were interred.

"We need the help of the public in this case,'' Sgt. Michael Fournier said at the time.  Fournier was one of the forensic experts who came from the Fredericton, N.B., RCMP detachment to take part in the exhumation. "Traditional ways of identifying human remains failed in this case so that's the other reason we're doing this."

The Guardian will attend the media conference Tuesday and will have more on this story online Tuesday and in Wednesday's print and e-editions.