Calgary home invasion case adjourned in Charlottetown

Published on April 14, 2014
Scales of justice

Sentence has been adjourned until April 30 in the case of a 30-year-old Charlottetown man involved in what the Crown characterized as a home invasion in Calgary.

Kyle Joseph McQuaid was one of several people charged in connection with this incident, which amounted to retaliation for a previous incident.

The court was told a man who lived in the same building as the victim had attempted to take his own life.

McQuaid, his brother and a number of other people who were friends of that man, believed the victim, who lived in the basement apartment, was partially responsible for that.

McQuaid and several other people broke into the victim’s apartment armed with pipes, a weight bar and other weapons and inflicted a beating on the occupants. At least one person involved in this incident was armed with a hatchet.

Kyle McQuaid himself utilized a weight bar.

Someone who tried to intervene in this incident was knocked to the floor and kicked. Threats were made against that person’s life.

When McQuaid was questioned about his involvement in this incident he gave police a false name.

Several other charges relating to offences committed in Alberta by McQuaid were also brought forth Wednesday. Those charges included multiple counts of failure to attend court and failure to attend at a police station for fingerprinting. McQuaid had entered guilty pleas to all those charges before leaving Alberta.

Charges are not transferred between jurisdictions unless guilty pleas have been entered.

McQuaid is also facing several charges from this jurisdiction including a break and enter into a liquor store.

Chief Provincial Court Judge John Douglas said that before imposing sentence on McQuaid on all of these charges he wants to know how the courts in Alberta dealt with the other persons charged with the most serious of the Alberta offences. Efforts are being made to gather that information.

The Crown is seeking a lengthy sentence in a federal correctional facility for McQuaid in connection with the Alberta home invasion. He has been in custody on remandfor several months.