P.E.I. man attempting world's longest bartending shift

Maureen Coulter comment@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on April 1, 2014

Phil Gallant of Sherwood will attempt to break the record for longest bartending shift 2 at Hunter’s Ale House in Charlottetown. Gallant is attempting the record to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation.

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A P.E.I. man is attempting to break the world record for longest bartending shift starting Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock.

The topic came up one night while Phil Gallant and his boss, Steve Barber, owner of Hunter’s Ale House, were discussing the upcoming East Coast Music Awards.

Gallant told Barber he would work as much as he needed him to and the conversation blossomed into what the longest bartending shift is, so they looked it up.

The current record for longest bartending shift is 111 hours by Ruth Brands in Belgium, set in 2012. Gallant decided he wants to attempt 120 hours but would be happy to make it to 112 hours.

“We came up with the idea that it would be a good promotion and that we would do it for charity.”

The charity they decided to fundraise for is the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation. Hunter’s Ale House is having charity breakfasts Thursday through Sunday for the foundation. Gallant will have a donation box set up during his record attempt while Hunter’s Ale House is open 24 hours for the ECMAs.

The application process with Guinness can take weeks but Gallant’s request was approved in two days.

The rules are he has to be on camera and document everything he does. He is allotted four 20-minute breaks a day and can combine them if he wishes or move them to the next day.

“A lot of it is the honesty policy,” he said.

Gallant said the Guinness World Record is really a small part of this whole thing.

“If I did or didn’t get it because of some little loop hole I wouldn’t care. It’s for charity at the end of the day.”

Gallant has two goals during the whole process — to be in a good mood and be productive.

He said everyone thinks he will be cranky so he is going to try to be in the best of moods.

“I want for people to say on day three ‘I can’t believe Phil is in such a good mood right now.’”

He also wants to be productive and not be a zombie standing behind the bar.

“I don’t mind people helping me out a bit, but I want to do all my regular things in a shift.”

Gallant said he is worried about the health factors of keeping himself awake so long.

“I’m worried about everything. Right now I am terrified. Not really any excitement in me right now. It’s kind of like what did I get myself into kind of mentality.”

To stay sane, Gallant is going to take quick naps to rejuvenate himself.

“Studies show that 20 minute naps would be better than sleeping for an hour.”

One question Gallant is frequently asked is how he will manage to stay awake so long as he does not drink coffee or Red Bull.

“The easiest parts of the night are going to be when the music is on. I am really excited about all the music that is coming through here. When that is going on, I’m not worried about staying awake. You just feed off the energy of the music.”

Gallant said he has done no preparation for this at all.

“There is nothing about me or my lifestyle that says I can do this.”

A lot of people are telling him it can’t be done and that is what’s fueling his fire right now, he said.

“It’s going to be a task but I am up for it.”

Gallant’s fundraising goal is $5,000 and hopes he can get close to that.

He plans on taking two-three days off afterward to relax, he said.

“The staff have been so supportive. They are going to be awesome throughout this whole process encouraging me and helping me out.”