School board looking at another storm day tomorrow

English Language School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet says focus must be on work that needs to be completed

Emma Childs
Published on March 31, 2014
English Language School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet.
Nancy MacPhee/Journal Pioneer

For the fourth consecutive day, schools across the province have been closed due to unsafe weather, bringing the total number of school days cancelled this year to 12.

Cynthia Fleet, superintendent of education for the English Language School Board (ELSB), said a number of factors are taken into consideration when deciding to implement school closures. She listed road conditions, extreme weather, the amount of snow present and the forecast as examples.

With the total number of days missed amounting to nearly two and a half weeks, Fleet said schools will need to revise their curriculums for the remainder of the semester.

"There certainly needs to be a review with a focus on what needs to completed," she said.

As of midday Monday, Fleet said the probability of another closure Tuesday is undetermined, with the department having only the forecast to rely on at this point.

"We do know that there's questionable weather... in that there is weather that could impact our decision," she said.

With the lingering possibility of a closure on Tuesday and a professional development day on Friday, there's a chance this school week will only be two days long for students.

When asked if the PD day this week could be rescheduled, Fleet said there would be no changes made to the current agenda.

"There are parent-teacher interviews scheduled Friday," she explained. "It is very important at midterm for parents to have the opportunity to attend interviews."

Fleet has received two emails from parents concerned with the way the remainder of the semester would be used.

"Parents may not be aware that there are certain decisions that come under the authority of the Department of Education and the minister of Education," she said. "As a school system we will continue to work under our authority within the department."

Fleet said a team from the ELSB would evaluate the weather conditions as early as 4 a.m. Tuesday to determine the best course of action for whether the school day will proceed.