Cornwall residents voice concerns over residential development

Ryan Ross
Published on March 30, 2014
Cornwall town councillor Peter Meggs checks some paperwork during the regular meeting of council Wednesday night.
Guardian photo by Brian McInnis

CORNWALL — Concerns over proposed developments in Cornwall brought a crowd of more than 20 people to a public meeting at the Dutch Inn here Tuesday night.

Coun. Peter Meggs, the town’s planning board chairman, said generally people who spoke about the developments thought more multi-unit dwellings were a good thing, while others thought the town might be allowing too many.

“What we’re hearing is it’s good to have diversity in housing, but don’t take it too far,” he said.

The development proposals involved the Harvest Hills subdivision near Lowther Drive, the Madison Heights development, which consists of some semi-detached and single-family buildings, and a third development on Keri Drive.

Meggs said the first phase of the Harvest Hills subdivision was approved, but the developer wanted to change the number of units in a few locations, which meant it required a public meeting.

The type of zoning being considered would allow for several different kinds of development, such as single-family and multi-unit dwellings, he said.

“That can be a little bit controversial that particular designation of zoning.”

Meggs said people seem to be a little more accepting of semi-detached housing, but are more reluctant to accept townhouses and apartment buildings.

The planning board is meeting again in early April and will review the submissions from the public.

Meggs said at that time the planning board will either recommend the developments to council or go back to the developers and tell them modifications are needed.