Virgin Gaming closes Charlottetown office

Ryan Ross
Published on March 21, 2014

Virgin Gaming opens an office in Charlottetown. Company officials are seen here with Virgin founder, Sir Richard Branson. Pictured from left to right, Bill Levy (President, Co- founder), Rob Segal (CEO), Sir Richard Branson and Zack Zeldin (VP Game Operations, Co-founder).

Islanders who were doing customer service work for Virgin Gaming are out of work after the company shut down its operations in Charlottetown last week.

In a statement from Innovation Minister Allen Roach, he said the company told department staff the closure was due to restructuring.

“Virgin Gaming indicated the closure was not a reflection of the performance of the Charlottetown location and spoke highly of the work carried out by their Island employees,” Roach said.

Virgin Gaming had support agreements with the provincial government through labour rebates and the Launchpad program.

As of the closure, the provincial government had paid Virgin Gaming about $40,000 as part of that support.

Virgin Gaming is a Toronto-based online service through which people can play video games head-to-head and in tournaments for real money.

The company is backed by businessman Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand.

When the provincial government announced Virgin Gaming’s expansion plans for P.E.I., it said it was looking to hire 35 customer service representatives.

In the statement from Roach, he said the closure affected four employees.

“We will be reaching out to them immediately in an effort to match them with employers in our ICT industry who are currently recruiting,” he said.