Man admits to impaired judgment in break and enter case

Smashed his own head against police cruiser window, saying he would blame police for black eye

Staff ~ The Guardian
Published on March 14, 2014
Prince Edward Island provincial court
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Sentence has been adjourned in the case of a 36-year-old Charlottetown man who pleaded guilty Thursday in provincial court to a charge of breaking into a residential dwelling and committing mischief.

Sean Anthony Butler also pleaded guilty to a charge of breach of probation.

The court was told Butler showed up at the residence in question on the night of Feb. 25 and kicked in the door.

He was highly intoxicated at the time.

Crown Counsel John McMillan said the police officers who arrested Butler that night found him to be very unco-operative.

He made derogatory remarks about the officers and, at one point, smashed his head against the window of the police cruiser, saying that would cause him to have a black eye for which he would then blame the police.

Butler apologized in court Thursday to the victim, the police and the court, saying it was a case of impaired judgment.

Chief Judge John Douglas said he would like to hear an oral update from Butler’s probation officer before passing sentence.

He’s adjourned the case until March 19.

Butler has broken into the same residence before.

The residence is occupied by the boyfriend of his former girlfriend.