NDP now accepting candidates for 2016 election

Published on February 6, 2014
The P.E.I. NDP says it has taken another step towards election readiness for 2016, a call for candidates.
Guardian file photo

The New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island says it has reached another milestone in election readiness by approving new candidate nomination rules for provincial candidates and opening up the process for people seeking to be elected as NDP MLAs in the next election.

“The NDP has established a process whereby well-organized district associations will conduct fair, orderly and exciting nomination events for the women and men who will run for the party in all 27 districts in the next provincial election,” said Sibyl Frei, president of the New Democratic Party of Prince Edward Island.

NDP Leader Mike Redmond has already announced he will seek the nomination in District 12, Charlottetown-Victoria Park, currently held by former Liberal cabinet minister Richard Brown. Charlottetown entrepreneur, fitness instructor and motivational speaker Gord McNeilly has indicated he will seek the NDP nomination for Charlottetown-Lewis Point District 14 now represented by Liberal MLA Kathleen Casey.

NDP PEI Leader Mike Redmond says the NDP is a party getting ready to elect a big number of MLAs.

“We are debt free now and we are getting organized in the ridings,” said Redmond.

“I am very impressed by the hard work done by Sibyl, the executive and the whole party over the last year. We are definitely going to be in a position to challenge for government in the next election.”

 The next election is expected to be April 25, 2016.

“But we are not working on the government’s timetable,” added Frei.

“We have already seen federal Conservatives push aside fixed election dates and we think it is certainly possible that provincial Liberals would do the same. We are planning to have almost all of our great candidates in place by April 2015. Our candidates will be ready and have plenty of time to work with their communities to win their seats.”