Assault on groom-to-be lands man suspended sentence

Wayne Darcy McKenna, Sebastien Ayangma intervened when drunken groom made derogatory comments to woman outside Peakes Quay

Ryan Ross
Published on February 18, 2014
Prince Edward Island provincial court
Guardian photo

An assault on a drunken groom-to-be that left him with stitches and a cast at his wedding landed a man a suspended sentence Tuesday.

Wayne Darcy McKenna, 26, appeared before Chief Judge John Douglas for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to the assault.

The court heard that on the night of the incident, the victim was at Peake's Quay for his bachelor party a few days before his wedding.

While he was on the dance floor, the victim did or said something inappropriate to a young woman who then poured a drink over his head and told the bouncer what happened.

When the victim and his friends left at closing time they were walking on Great George Street when he saw the woman and made a derogatory comment about her.

The victim approached the woman and Sebastien Ayangma, who was also charged with assaulting him, stepped between them.

The victim shoved Ayangma, who pushed him back before they were separated. MacKenna and Ayangma, who were acquaintances, later assaulted the victim.

Several other fights were happening outside the bar at the same time and Crown attorney John McMillan said he couldn't establish which of the injuries MacKenna and Ayangma inflicted on the victim.

The victim ended up with stitches and had to wear a cast to his wedding because of a broken wrist.

Defence lawyer Alanna Taylor told the court MacKenna is an alcoholic and was drinking on the night of the assault.

She recommended he get the same punishment as Ayangma who Douglas gave a suspended sentence with one year of probation.

MacKenna also addressed the court to apologize for wasting everyone's time and said the assault was because of his addiction.

"No one else to blame but myself," he said.

Douglas then gave MacKenna a suspended sentence with one year of probation and ordered him to pay $100 to the victims of crime fund.