MRSA infection prompts visitor restrictions at Unit 8 at QEH

Published on February 14, 2014
Queen Elizabeth Hospital's Unit 1 is closed to visitors for at least the next 24 hours as the hospital checks into patient complaints of gastro-intestinal illness symptoms.
Guardian file photo

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) is reporting that a higher than usual number of patients on Unit 8 have tested positive for methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and visitor limitations have been put in place on the nursing unit.

Patients testing positive for MRSA are being placed on isolation precautions and staff have heightened infection control measures that includes enhanced cleaning.

Effective immediately, visitation on Unit 8 is being limited with the following precautions in place, until further notice:

• Immediate family members only;

• Only two visitors at one time per patient (this includes children);

• Visits should be kept brief (15 minutes);

• Follow general visiting hours.

A Health P.E.I. news release says it’s extremely important that everyone coming to the hospital, including visitors and persons coming in for tests, X-rays or ambulatory procedures clean their hands before and after entering a patient’s room, a department, and upon entering and leaving the facility. Alcohol hand rinse stations are available throughout the building for this purpose.