Lot 30 restaurant closes as owner moves west

Jim Day jday@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on November 5, 2014

Producer Richard Davies, left, and chef Gordon Bailey combine to make lamb at Lot 30 one of the truly special dining experiences of the Prince Edward Island culinary scene.

©Photo special to The Guardian by Bob Gray

Lot 30, one of P.E.I.’s most celebrated restaurants, has closed its doors after years of serving standout meals inspired by quality produce, meat and seafood from local sources.

Chef Gordon Bailey earned a loyal clientele and steady rave reviews since opening the restaurant on Kent Street in Charlottetown in June 2008.

In 2012, Maclean’s named Lot 30 No. 45 in the magazine’s first-ever Canada’s Best Restaurants feature.

Bob Gray, who has reviewed numerous Island restaurants for The Guardian, wrote last year that Bailey’s restaurant most often serves as the answer to the question, “Where’s the best place to eat here?’’

Bailey cooked up his final meals last Thursday night at Lot 30 on what proved to be an emotional evening for the easily recognizable tattooed chef with the thick beard.

The chef’s original plan was to come to P.E.I. for a year or two to do a little cooking before moving on elsewhere.

He opened Day Boat in 2005, then started the Urban Eatery in the Confederation Court Mall before opening Lot 30.

The restaurant proved to fulfil the dream of Bailey and his wife, Traci, to operate a top-notch restaurant serving the finest food in a great atmosphere.

So, the couple ended up sticking around.

Now Bailey and Traci, who have been living in Stratford, will be heading home to Manitoba in late November with plans to open Lot 30 West in four to six months.

“The name still means a lot to me,’’ said Bailey. “I want to keep it the same. We already have a brand.’’

Bailey said a number of people have shown an interest in taking over the restaurant, but he would never sell the name.

“I could definitely do another restaurant on P.E.I. in the years to come,’’ he added.

“We’ve had such great local supporters.’’