Charlottetown man sent to jail on several charges

Published on January 24, 2014
Scales of justice

A 49-year-old Charlottetown man whose criminal record takes up some 30 pages was sentenced recently in provincial court to serve 60 days in jail for obstructing a police officer.

That sentence, subsequently reduced by 25 days in recognition of time spent on remand, was imposed in the case of Dennis Joseph O’Brien.

O’Brien was sentenced to a further 60 days, consecutive to the first sentence, for theft of a backpack from the Bentley store at the Charlottetown Mall.

Breaching a probation order netted O’Brien a further 30 days in jail, consecutive to all other sentences.

O’Brien was also ordered to pay $300 in victims of crimes surcharges.

The court was told O’Brien was seen stealing the backpack by a sales clerk from a store across the corridor.

When he was approached about the theft, he became verbally abusive, then left the mall.

A police officer dispatched to the scene located O’Brien, at which time O’Brien gave the officer a false name.

Another officer, however, knew O’Brien and provided the first officer with the correct information.

The stolen backpack was recovered.

At the time of the theft, O’Brien was on no less than five different probation orders.