Health P.E.I. shuffles management

Teresa Wright
Published on January 11, 2014
Dr. Richard Wedge
Guardian file photo

Health P.E.I. has recently undergone a shuffle and downsizing of its leadership team.

In early December, Health P.E.I. CEO Dr. Richard Wedge decided the executive leadership team should be restructured to reflect the many changes that have taken place since Health P.E.I. was formed nearly four years ago.

The recent restructuring has seen the number of executive directors reduced from 10 to six.

Their duties will also be reorganized to give all senior managers both operational and clinical responsibilities.

“This new format will provide hospital administrators the opportunity to do the integration work on improved patient flow that needs to be done following the changes that have recently been made to our health care system through the Better Access, Better Care initiative,” Wedge said in a letter posted to the Health P.E.I. website.

As a result of the shuffle, Rick Adams, formerly the chief administrative officer of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, will be moved into a new position as executive director of people, performance and innovation.

Jamie MacDonald will become the new chief administrative officer of the QEH and Community Hospitals East.

Another new position, which was under competition, was awarded to Pam Trainor. She will be the new executive director for acute care, mental health and addictions.

While there was a drop in the number of executive directors, there were no job losses as a result of this restructuring.

“This new structure better aligns with the priorities set out in the strategic plan, it will better support Health P.E.I.’s efforts to achieve these priorities and also reflects current trends in the health care industry,” Wedge said in his letter.

The changes took effect Jan. 6.