UPDATE: Smoke in the air prompts special air quality statement for Prince Edward Island

Wayne Thibodeau wthibodeau@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on July 16, 2013
Smoke in the air over Prince Edward Island has been observed on satellite as shown in this image from Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 12 Noon local time.

The sky in parts of eastern P.E.I. turned hazy this afternoon.

Smoke in the skies over Prince Edward Island caused by fires in Quebec have prompted Environment Canada and the Island’s environment department to issue a special air quality statement for Prince Edward Island issued.

Wilma MacKinnon of Mount Buchanan said the haze was very noticable while the air smelled smoky.

"I just took the laundry in and it doesn't smell too bad,'' MacKinnon said. "Guess I'll go close the north windows.''

An employee at Cooper's Red and White in Eldon said the air took on a hazy, bluish look.

"You can see it in the air and you can smell it a little bit,'' said Clara Vincent, adding that the haze was quite the topic of conversation at the store Tuesday afternoon.

"Everyone wants to know where the fire is.''

Environment Canada says a ridge of high pressure is driving smoke from southeastern Quebec southwest over the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on to the Island. 

“This has been observed on satellite and at several air quality monitors around the province,” Environment Canada says. 

“We will be monitoring this closely.”

On Wednesday, Environment Canada said winds will shift around to southwest ahead of a trough approaching from Quebec and will flush out any lingering smoke by late in the day.

One resident in Meadow Bank told The Guardian she could see a haze in the distance developing over Charlottetown.