Beaver ambles along Charlottetown street

Taylors photograph wayward beaver on Maple Ave.

Nigel Armstrong
Published on May 27, 2013

Luke and Krystle Taylor were driving home down Maple Avenue in the heart of Sherwood Saturday when they saw a most fantastic sight.

Ambling along the road, crossing over the road, was a beaver.

"It was kind of unusual," said Luke. "It was probably about noon time.

"We saw a man walking his dog and the dog was barking at something," said Taylor.

See full interactive map of beaver trail HERE

The object of the dog's attention was large, so they figured from a distance that it wasn't a cat.

"Once we got up close to it, we saw that it was a beaver," said Taylor. "As soon as I saw it I said 'this is crazy,' I took some photos and then I called the city."

"It was close to Woodlawn on Maple Avenue, by the (Cody Banks) Sportsplex."

They followed in the car as the beaver crossed the road to the west side of Maple, then proceeded north, wandering onto lawns, in and out of culverts.

"It went almost right up to one woman's door," said Taylor. "It looked really confused. It was wandering everywhere like it didn't know where it was."

Taylor said the area is home to many families with children and he said he believes that beavers can be vicious and attack if bothered or feel cornered.

"The city called me back on my cell phone and said stay away from it, don't go anyway near it," said Taylor.

Charlottetown city staff told the Guardian that for wildlife events, they call staff at the fish and wildlife division of the provincial government.

Staff there are tracking down the weekend reports to issue a media update on the outcome of the Sherwood beaver sighting.

"I followed the beaver up the road," said Taylor. "It was getting close to Oak Drive and a woman came out of a house with a camera and she started following it too.

"We had groceries in the car and we had to get home so the other woman took over following it and that's the last I heard of it," said Taylor.

He said there was not much vehicle traffic in the area at that time so the event didn't draw much of a crowd. A few motorists slowed down for a look, but then kept going.

"I have lived in that area for most of my life and I have never seen a beaver," said Taylor, adding that there is no waterways nearby.

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