Manitoba research group says there were two UFO sightings on PEI last year

Dave Stewart
Published on May 24, 2013
Cover of The Canadian UFO Report by Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman.

A Manitoba-based research group says there were two UFO sightings on Prince Edward Island last year.

UFOlogy released its annual Canadian survey earlier this month, indicating Canadians reported nearly 2,000 sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in 2012, a new record.

The survey marks the 24th year the group has tracked UFO sightings in Canada.

According to the group, Ontario residents reported seeing the most UFOs, with more than 40 per cent of all sightings in the country occurring in the province..

Many of the sightings are posted to YouTube.

Chris Rutkowski, a research co-ordinator with UFOlogy, said there were a couple of reported sightings on P.E.I. last year.

"One case that made our list of most interesting cases last year was one in Cornwall,'' Rutkowski told The Guardian by email on Friday.

The case he refers to took place in January 2012 but he wouldn't identify who reported the sighting.

"It was reported to MUFON, the American-based UFO group and sent to them online.''

Rutkowski said a Cornwall couple was out on their deck on Jan. 9, 2012, between 9:30 and 10 p.m. the sky was cloudless and the moon bright.

He said they noticed a bright light due west. The husband focused on the light with his binoculars and could see a craft he assumed was a helicopter.

"I saw a red light on one side and a green light on the other, a bright white light to give the definition of a triangle and a dimmer white LEDish strobe light from within the centre,'' the husband said in an email to MUFON. "Other than the strobe light the others seemed absurdly bright, yet not blinding.''

Rutkowski said what happened next was odd. The craft rotated 360 degrees without deviation up and down or side to side, and headed in the couple's direction, stopping directly above them. The craft appeared to be 450 to 500 feet in the air, he said.

What made it even more odd was that there was no sound coming from the UFO overhead.

"As it approached, I saw a triangular black craft, kind of like a stealth bomber, wings from the nose but straight across the tail from wing tip to wing tip. Its lights were ridiculously bright but did not seem to emit light. It's hard to describe. It was directly above us . . . we could see its belly.''

Rutkowski says the UFO suddenly transformed into a ball of white light and began flying east.

"It seemed to consciously skirt the town and just do the circumference and come back. We watched this cycle three times and it went north and we never saw it again. Total time within 1,000 feet (of the ground) was about five minutes; beyond 1,000 feet, about an hour.''

Rutkowski said the couple asked around Cornwall "without sounding crazy'' but no one they talked to saw the UFO.

The UFOlogy researcher said they track UFO sightings because it's a fairly common phenomenon, with roughly 10 per cent of Canadians believing they've seen them.

Rutkowski said he doesn't quite know what to think of the sighting in Cornwall last year.

"To my knowledge, it was never fully investigated.''