Air Canada travellers given less time to check in

Jim Day
Published on April 3, 2013
An Air Canada plane landing at Pearson Airport. THE CANADIAN PRESS/FILE PHOTO

Air Canada’s move to reduce check-in times may take some getting used to for Charlottetown air travellers, says the Charlottetown Airport Authority’s CEO.

“I think it’s safe to say at smaller airports we pride ourselves on not having to arrive as early as larger airports,’’ said Doug Newson.

“So it will be a bit of an adjustment period.’’

Effective April 10, check-in and baggage acceptance for Air Canada flights within Canada will close 45 minutes prior to departure with the exception of flights leaving Toronto’s city airport where check-in and bag drop-off will remain available until 20 minutes before departure.

Newson says he would have liked Air Canada to exempt small airports like Charlottetown’s from the new policy.

However, he adds Air Canada’s new 45-minute window is in line with WestJet’s policy.