Show documents shocking murders of beloved P.E.I. ballplayers

Published on February 15, 2013
The hearse carrying the casket of Mitch MacLean leaves Winsloe United Church in P.E.I. on Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011. MacLean, fellow player Tanner Craswell and Tabitha Stepple of Lethbridge, Alta. were killed in a roadside shooting in Alberta more than a year ago. Photo by The Canadian Press

A special investigative report on the shocking roadside murder of two popular young Prince Edward Island baseball players will air on television Saturday.

W5 investigates the heinous multiple murder-suicide that left three innocent victims dead and Shayna Conway – the sole survivor  – desperately clinging to life.

W5 Host and Chief Correspondent Lloyd Robertson interviews Conway, friends and families of the victims, and police, in an effort to piece together the untold story of the “ROAD TO MURDER”, premiering at 7 p.m. AT on CTV.

In an exclusive interview, Conway recalls her friends Tabitha Stepple, Mitch Maclean, and Tanner Craswell, gunned down on Alberta’s Highway 2 by Derek Jensen, who then took his own life at the scene of the crime. W5 has obtained text messages sent by Jensen to his girlfriend Stepple in the days preceding the murder-suicide, revealing a dark and tortured soul.

Conway and other friends tell of the tragic night, when a birthday party and a pre-Christmas celebration led to Jensen tracking his victims as they drove to the Calgary airport, ramming their car from behind. When both vehicles stopped at the side of the road, Jensen savagely executed his defenceless victims, shooting each one multiple times. Only Conway survived and now describes that horrific night in detail to W5.

Robertson meets with families to hear their emotional memories of a parent’s worst nightmare: learning that their child had been killed by a deranged gunman. He joins three of the families at a makeshift memorial at the side of Alberta’s Highway 2, an hour south of Calgary, and in the ballpark in Lethbridge, where two of the victims were pursuing dreams of playing professional baseball.

“ROAD TO MURDER” is produced by Calgary’s Pyramid Productions, in association with CTV’s W5. The production company produced last season’s critically acclaimed “MURDER FOR LOVE” for W5.