Charlottetown Superstore resells meat found in thief's pants

Ryan Ross
Published on December 10, 2013

Provincial court of Prince Edward Island

An Island man is in jail after a court heard he shoved meat down his pants, was caught and the food recovered for resale.

Jeffery Arthur Feehan, 29, appeared before provincial court Chief Judge John Douglas in Charlottetown Tuesday, where he pleaded guilty to six charges, including stealing from two Superstore grocery stores in Charlottetown and failing to attend court.

Douglas sentenced him to a combined 94 days in jail on top of the 28 he already served while in custody awaiting sentencing.

During one incident, Feehan went to a Superstore where staff watched him put food in a basket, then take it into the bathroom where he stuck it down his pants.

The food included chicken breasts, bacon and steaks worth $71.32.

Crown attorney Valerie Moore said the store was able to recover the food for resale.

“That sounds strange. They must have been well wrapped in plastic given that they were down his pants,” she said.

Moore said the thefts were characteristic of the current trend of people stealing high-value items to sell in exchanging for drugs.

The court heard that another incident Feehan went to a Superstore in Charlottetown where staff saw him put steaks and other food into a basket and walk out of the building.

Staff members chased him and they were able to recover the food for resale.

Defence lawyer Thane MacEachern said Feehan was dealing with addictions issues, which led to the thefts.

Before Douglas handed down a sentence, Feehan rose to address the court, although he didn’t have much to say.

“I realize drugs are not a good way to go about living,” Feehan said.

Along with the jail time, Feehan will have to pay $200 to the victims of crime fund and will be on probation for 18 months and he is banned from the Superstores in Charlottetown for one year.