Raptors buzz comes to Charlottetown

Published on March 24, 2016

Kirk St. Cyr, whose stage name is 4Korners, is the resident DJ for the Toronto Raptors. St. Cyr, shown in 2015, is spinning records at Jax in Charlottetown this Friday.

Drew Haran/Special to The Guardian

If Raptors home games have turned into Toronto's best weekly party — complete with the winningest Raptors' season ever — that party's DJ can surely bring some of the fun to Charlottetown.

4Korners, the stage name of Kirk St. Cyr and the resident DJ for the Toronto Raptors, is set to play a mix of hip hop, EDM, pop and R&B at Jax Nightclub in Charlottetown tomorrow.

"This tour coming out east, the promoter said, ‘everybody's really excited, man, cause the Raptors are buzzing'," said St. Cyr in an interview with The Guardian.

"Right now there's a feeling of, the Raptors 'expect to win', and people are in good spirits."


Professional sports games are as much social events as athletic events, and St. Cyr tries to keep up an upbeat atmosphere. He'll play pop artists like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift alongside dance music artist Skrillex. A secret weapon he likes to use at clubs is the song Jungle Bae, a collaboration between Skrillex and DJ Diplo.

This omnivorous musical appetite started in his childhood. St. Cyr heard a lot of calypso and reggae, as his parents are Trinidadian. A neighbour introduced him to Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe. And then there was Michael Jackson.

"He was everything," said St. Cyr of Jackson.

"Posters on the wall, memorizing his choreography, all that kind of stuff."

One of the few artists working today who can claim to have a similar kind of cultural ubiquity to Jackson is Drake, who St. Cyr has worked closely with in the past.

St. Cyr said he would like to be able to play a few tracks from Drake's upcoming album, "Views From The 6", at Raptors games, but St. Cyr said that the rapper is keeping his work tight-knit, for the moment.

St. Cyr mixes lesser-known Canadian artists into his set and has even had a hand in breaking Toronto hip-hop artist Jazz Cartier through to a wider audience.

"My name shows up in his Wikipedia page," said St. Cyr, laughing.

Whether local, buzzing hip hop or world-conquering pop, attendees can expect St. Cyr's sets to be, "high energy."

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