Author's characters are not perfect

Sally Cole
Published on June 28, 2015

Mima’s fourth book, Her Name is Mariah, is available worldwide from Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

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  Island author Mima likes to write about people who are trying to make the most of the cards that they are dealt.

  “I’m not interested in writing about perfect characters. That’s because I’m imperfect. I also realize that I’m not alone,” says the writer, during a telephone interview. That’s why her new book, Her Name is Mariah, is filled with survivors.  

Take the protagonist, Mariah Nichols, for example. She lived through her parent’s bitter divorce, a childhood of neglect and the discovery that her only sibling was transgender-so the concept of turning into a mortal vampire was just one more adjustment in an already chaotic life.

  But when tragedy rips through Mariah’s heart, she realizes what it takes to survive in the world. She must become like an animal and run on instincts not emotions.  Or so she thought.  

Her Name is Mariah is the author’s fourth book. It is the anticipated follow up to her 2014 title, The Rock Star of Vampires.  

It’s available worldwide at all online stores, including Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. If readers are unable to obtain a copy from their local bookstore, contact the author through her website at

  The first three books by Mima can be found in the Prince Edward Island library and she is currently working to have the fourth added to their collection.