Big Red Music Festival hits Charlottetown

Maureen Coulter
Published on June 29, 2014

The Big Red Music Festival hit Charlottetown this weekend with a bang as 13 bands performed on the main stage and Red Shores Stage at the Charlottetown Events Grounds.

The headliner performing on Saturday was Marianas Trench and on Sunday it was the Sam Roberts Band.

Charlottetown Police Services Sgt. Brad MacConnell, said they have been planning the policing aspect of this event for quite some time.

“We are confident in the plan we have put together. We think it’s a plan that’s both appropriate and scalable for whatever crowds we get this weekend. So whether it’s 5,000 or 17,000, our plan will adapt and meet the needs.” 

Though no numbers were releases in regards to the amount of police on site, a person didn’t have to go too far without running into a pair of policemen walking or driving by.

The Charlottetown police mission is to lessen the impact on the neighbourhoods surrounding the event site and to provide a safe venue for people who are attending the concerts, said MacConnell.

“We certainly have enough police to make that a reality.”

Judy Cosgrove travelled over from Halifax to attend the family friendly event with her husband, three daughters and her older daughters boyfriend to see Marianas Trench perform on Saturday.

Cosgrove is a fan of the band, but it’s her 13-year-old daughter who adores it.

 “That’s her life. I kid you not. She is up at the front of the stage and refuses to use the washroom or sit down or anything. She is there till the end.” 

When the Cosgrove family usually visits P.E.I., they stay in the Cavendish area, making it their first time visiting Charlottetown over the weekend

“It’s a beautiful city that is for sure.”

Next weekend country fans will have the chance to experience The Cavendish Beach Music Festival from July 4-6 with more than 30 country music acts including Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton and Hunter Hayes.

The Big Red Festival will return on Saturday July 12 to rock P.E.I. with nine bands including The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie and Matt Mays.