What do you Look Forward To in Grade 12? ; Murphy

Michael Murphy jspencer@theguardian.pe.ca
Published on July 4, 2012

One thing I am looking forward to in Grade 12 is all the grad activities that I will be doing throughout the year like watching movies and having potlucks or go on field trips such as go-carts.  The big activity at the end of the year is when we go on safe grad, which is a trip to the Halifax Sports Dome where we spend the night playing games and activities such as paintball.

I am really looking forward to my Encounters With Canada trip next April where I will be travelling to Ottawa for a week to learn about politics in Canada. I will also be meeting other teens from across Canada and we will be participating in some of the activities together. Encounters With Canada is Canada’s largest youth forum in which each week of the school year over 100 teenagers from ages 14 to 17, travel from all parts of Canada to Ottawa to learn about Canadian institutions and meet famous and accomplished Canadians.

When I received my schedule for next year, I realized that I can’t wait for first term of Grade 12 to be over because I will have all my hard courses out of the way.  Then I will be able to enjoy and hopefully relax for the second half of Grade 12 before graduation and university.

I am mostly looking forward my Grade 12 graduation. I like my school and had some great teachers and friends but I can’t wait until I enter the real world, face many changes and enter my university years. It will be a very new experience.   During my last year of high school, I want to explore some options for international studies or volunteer work so I can do some travelling in my university years and learn about new cultures in other countries.  I look forward to applying for university and reviewing and deciding which courses I can take.   I look forward to taking courses which are of real interest to me.   There will also be an opportunity to apply for different scholarships.

Lastly, I am looking forward to getting my driver's license so I will be able to drive myself to my extra-curricular activities, sports and job.  Being one of the youngest people in my class, I wasn’t able to get my license before Grade 11 ended. When I start grade 12 though, I will be able to drive myself which means I can sleep in and drive myself to school if I miss the bus.  I know my last year of high school will be a memorable year and the friends I have made will be important to me.  Some of us will go in different directions but I know my closest friends will always be part of my life in the future.  Grade 12 will be a time to enjoy ourselves and make the most of things.   

 As this is the last article for Teen Scene, I would like to wish my fellow Teen Scene writers a great summer.  I enjoyed reading your point of view on many topics.  I would also like to recommend Teen Scene to other Grade 11 students.  It was a great experience and opportunity for me as it made me think of subjects that I may not have otherwise.  Hopefully, it also improved my writing skills.  Thanks to Joelene for keeping us on schedule and meet deadlines.