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Borden-Carleton pizza place finding it has a lot of happy customers

Celine Hoyeck, 10, weighs fresh dough for a large pizza.
Celine Hoyeck, 10, weighs fresh dough for a large pizza.

BORDEN/CARLETON, P..E.I. -There’s a distinct crunch as Elie Hoyeck cuts through the steaming pizza with its crispy crust.

It’s during the quiet period in the afternoon, allowing he and his family to catch up on preparing for the next rush.

“Everything we make and use is fresh. We don’t freeze our dough and make you an instant pizza,” said Hoyeck, the owner of Borden-Carleton Pizza.

The new pizza place has been open for three weeks and hasn’t stopped producing pies since, he said.

“I’m from Lebanon. I moved to Canada 1989. I’ve always been making pizzas and now it’s time for Borden-Carleton to have a pizza restaurant.

“Borden-Carleton is like a beautiful princess who’s not allowed to show her face. There’s nothing stopping this town from being like Cavendish.”

Hoyeck also owns a car lot in North Bedeque and a location in Halifax.

“It’s very different. I’m not used to being inside four walls. It’s made me learn to be more patient.”

He runs the business with the help of his wife, children and family friends. But what’s really made a difference is how welcoming the community is.

“If there’s a line-up, some customers will come back to the kitchen and offer to help us. People from the community have welcomed us like one of their own.”

One thing that makes his pizzas different from others is the fact that he uses old stone ovens.

“We don’t use the conveyer belt kind of oven that burns the pizza before it’s fully cooked. The ovens we use are rare nowadays.”

Over the coming months, Hoyeck is planning to have the restaurant fully licensed to serve alcohol. He also wants to start regular karaoke nights and has already set up a pool table for patrons to use.

“We’re here to make it happen and give people what they want.”

Celine, Hoyeck’s 10-year-old daughter likes to help in the kitchen.

“I like working with the dough. But sometimes I like putting the pepperoni on the pizza. It’s all a lot of fun.”

She added, “My favourite kind is cheese pizza. I kind of like pepperoni but it’s kind of spicy.”

The best selling meal at Borden-Carleton Pizza is the donair, said Hoyeck.

“People come from all over to get one of our donairs. I’m constantly cutting the meat throughout the day because so many are ordered.”

Hoyeck looks forward to seeing the business continue in the town.

“This is just a drop in the bucket of what is possible for this community.”

Five Fast Facts about Borden-Carleton Pizza

– Owner: Elie Hoyeck

– Location: 23620 highway Route 2 Borden-Carleton

– Phone number: 902-855-3000

– Facebook:

– Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday noon until 10 p.m., Friday, 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. and Saturday 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.



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