Summerside broth business opening market for local farmers

Published on April 16, 2017

Mike and Julie Taylor prepare chicken for their two businesses, Bony Broth Co. and Harmony Hills. They currently use the kitchen at Centre 150 in Summerside, but will soon have their own to work out of.


By Daniel Brown

The Guardian

SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - Mike and Julie Taylor were in a bind.

Two years ago, Mike was laid off. The couple had a newborn to feed.

They had a small farm, so they turned to it out of necessity.

Julie was making purée for their newborn, and they started adding homemade bone broth to it because they liked its health benefits.

They decided to sell it at the Summerside Farmers’ Market, offering flavour-infused bone broth either frozen or as a warm beverage.

It was a hit.

That was the start of The Bony Broth Co. Last year, they started Harmony Hills, where they sell all forms of chicken to consumers and businesses.

Now, the Taylors are opening Farmed Market & Craft Butchery in Summerside. It’ll be an outlet for local farmers to market their goods, as well as a place for them to operate Bony Broth Co.

Their selection of bone broth has grown over the years. Flavours range from Thai Chili Lemongrass, to Korean Barbecue, to Vietnamese Pho.

“Most of them tend to be geographically inspired,” Mike said.

“Trends from around the world,” Julie added.

They never boil the bones. Instead, they simmer them just below boiling temperature, which takes about 24 hours for chicken bones, and twice that long for beef bones.

“It’s a modern take on grandma’s old-fashioned broth,” Mike said. “We use as many organic ingredients as possible.”

By simmering and using high concentrations of bones, their broth recipes are designed to get the maximum amount of nutrition.

Their broth is rich in minerals that the body can easily absorb. It’s known to be revitalizing, good for joints, skin, and the digestive system.

“I always call it an ‘aid-all.’ It aids many ills,” Mike said.

Because of Bony Broth Co.’s steady growth, they had to get a double booth at the Farmer’s Market. A couple of businesses started selling their broth, such as Samuel’s Coffee House in Summerside.

Farmed will feature meats, vegetables, and more from local farmers. It will serve food in a take-out fashion, including products from Bony Broth Co. and Harmony Hills.

The Taylors believe connecting consumers to farmers is important, and are very excited for what’s to come.

“Who’s not excited to open a new business,” Julie said.

The location of Farmed is still tentative, as the Taylors are waiting on city approval.

It will be in downtown Summerside, though, and they still plan to sell their products at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays

Meanwhile, Moyna Matheson, owner of Samuel’s Coffee House in Summerside, is a fan of Bony Broth Company.

Samuel’s offers the Taylors broth and gets all their chicken from Harmony Hills.

Samuel’s prioritizes supporting local when it comes to their products. Their client base is willing to pay more for better quality, Matheson said.

“If we can get a quality product that helps support a smaller business, then that’s amazing.”

Matheson loves Bony Broth and believes it has many benefits.

Most people who visit Samuel’s for the broth are already familiar with it. But the Samuel’s staff is always willing to spread the word, Matheson said.

“There’s still a lot of people who don’t know what it is, but they’ll hear about it.”