New P.E.I. bat company comes out swinging

Jim Day
Published on March 5, 2016

Allison Coles of Coles Molding and Woodworking partnerS with Florian Bryan to start P.E.I. Bat Company

Allison Coles has spent decades working with wood, focusing for years on moldings and components.

Now, the 74-year-old North Milton entrepreneur is taking a crack at making baseball bats.

Coles of Coles Molding and Woodworking has partnered with Florian Bryan to start the P.E.I. Bat Company.

Coles made his first bat last summer and has carved out about 50 others since.

He had all the equipment needed at his large wood shop, but a fair bit of tweaking has been required for the baseball bat business to get off the ground.

"We probably still don't have all the answers yet,'' he says.

Coles was never a baseball player. He is not even a baseball fan.

However Bryan, who played a lot of baseball growing up, nudged Coles up to the plate.

Bryan is impressed with the bats Coles produces from ash, maple and birch.

"The product that we've got out now we're comfortable with,'' he says.

Coles is quick to add that baseball players will pass ultimate judgment on the bats.

He will pitch his product at the P.E.I. Provincial Home Show at the Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown March 11-13.

"It will be the first exposure to the public,'' he notes.

Coles says he can turn out a quality bat in just 30 minutes.

The bats, which retail from $75 and up, sport the 'Miltonvale Slugger' logo along with the outline of P.E.I.

The business partners plan to sell the bats online and in sports stores.

Bryan would like to get a slice of the Island market.

"There is a lot of baseball played in P.E.I.,'' he says.