New Charlottetown apartment has taken five years to complete

Dave Stewart
Published on February 7, 2016

Only two apartments left to rent in Philip O'Halloran's 21-unit building corner of Prince, Grafton streets

It took almost five years to happen, but the "sold out" sign could soon be going up on a new apartment building in Charlottetown.

Developer Philip O'Halloran said all but two units of his 21-unit building at the corner of Prince and Grafton streets are spoken for.

The project has come a long way.

In 2013, city council passed a resolution authorizing public works to fill the empty hole at the corner if work didn't start soon. That would be thousands of dollars, all at the developer's expense, not to mention another $40,000 to excavate the site again someday.

The site was originally excavated in 2011, but everything ground to a halt. Developers dropped out. Three years went by but nothing happened.

O'Halloran took over the property early in 2014.

"It was the job nobody wanted,'' O'Halloran said recently. "Council said fill it in. Instead, they got Phil O'Halloran.''

The developer is just having a little fun with some of the challenges he has faced.

Now he's two units shy of a building that is full.

The commercial component on the ground floor seems to be developing nicely as well.

Absolutely Fabulous, a hair and esthetics spa, is in there. So is Joe's Barber Shop, owned and operated by Joe Punzo who was displaced last May following a fire in the building that housed Rose's Barber Shop on Prince Street.

O'Halloran said the rest of the retail picture will start to develop over the next couple of months, including an announcement of his anchor tenant, which he says will have to come from the business itself.