The Great George, one of the top boutique hotels in the Maritimes.

Maureen Coulter
Published on February 21, 2016

Kathy and Kevin Murphy own The Great George, a boutique hotel in Charlottetown. He said the feel of the property comes from Kathy's vision and design.


The Great George in the heart of historic Charlottetown has made the Maritime's top 10 hotel list, according to traveller ratings on the popular metasearch engine site trivago.

The boutique-style hotel is owned by Kathy and Kevin Murphy of Charlottetown.

"It's not just a hotel," said Kevin Murphy. "It's the other things that make it what it is and that is where that human element and the experience and the details that we provide at The Great George gets recognized."

Trivago aggregated 200 million ratings from over 30 sites to create their first Top Hotel Awards In Canada in recognition of the countries highest-rated hotels.

An algorithm was used to create an impartial score so that ratings for luxury hotels and family run B&Bs could compete for the top spot whether they had 400 reviews or 4,000 reviews.

However, this not the first time The Great George has received recognition for its unique experience.

The hotel was one of the global winners in the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards and the 2014 Boutique Hotel Awards.

Murphy said there are several attributes that make The Great George stand out from competitors, including a quiet setting, rich history of the area and the story behind the hotel.

The main building of The Great George was built in 1846 as a guesthouse called The Regent Hotel, and was a lot of things over the years, said Murphy.

"It's back to what it was back then which was an accommodations building," said Murphy. "It really is a story of buildings that were maintained the integrity of the buildings and from our perspective we brought them back to a useful purpose in the 21st century."

The hotel consists of 17 restored heritage buildings and comprises almost an entire city block, making it one grand 54-suite hotel.

Since 2009, Kevin and Kathy Murphy have been the sole owners of the hotel.

"The historic is kind of the backdrop of it all and I think from our perspective we look at that as great, but it is how you take that and make that experience as unique and different."

Murphy said some other mentionable qualities that make The Great George stand out is a happy hour of complimentary beer and wine, a Charlotte floor strictly for women and a 45-minute daily tour of the block while engaging the guest about the history of Charlottetown.

"You don't get that normally," said Murphy. "When a guest sees that they really see it as ‘wow, this is different and these people here really enjoy what they do and they want to tell that story of how we came to be.'"

Murphy said the staff and the culture they have at the hotel help create those memorable experiences for their guests.

"It comes back to how we run our business and the staff that we have and that unrelenting passion for creating that customer experience," said Murphy. "We really do enjoy serving our guests."

"I think it's not only The Great George. It's really Prince Edward Island, we have some great product here and The Great George is among them."