Gourmet butcher shop opens in Charlottetown

Published on January 24, 2016

Sausage maker Brodie Webster, displays his handiwork after he made a batch of the tasty meat in the new shop called Butcher & Butcher: Fine Island Meat that has opened on St. Peters Road in Charlottetown.


Chris van Ouwerkerk, owner of Jercules fine beef jerky, opens Butcher & Butcher: Fine Island Meat on St Peters Rd

Charlottetown residents have a new gourmet butcher shop to visit for locally sourced gourmet meat options.

Chris van Ouwerkerk, owner of Jercules fine beef jerky, has opened Butcher & Butcher: Fine Island Meat at 25 St Peters Road in Charlottetown.

The shop features more than just van Ouwerkerk's beef jerky and is set to sell a variety of fresh and prepared meat.

“We've been waiting, preparing recipes and learning from some amazing culinary minds from across the country,” said the 29-year-old butcher and law student. “I think if people like our jerky, they'll be interested in trying some of the other things we can do with Island meat.”

The business is set on sourcing only locally produced meat and van Ouwerkerk is keen on working with Island farmers.

“There are so many hard-working farmers here who take pride in raising animals humanely and naturally,” he said. “We want to take the animals they put that pride into and turn it into a culinary experience for them and all Islanders alike.”

Van Ouwerkerk also hopes to continue expanding on his beef jerky brand.


Five facts about beef jerky.

1. Jerky is a means to preserve meat without refrigeration.

2. Although beef is the most common type of jerky, one can also find jerky from wild game such as venison, elk, caribou, and moose. Even kangaroo meat.

3 . The origin of the word Jerky is from Native American “Charqui” which means “to burn meat”.

4. Jerky quality varies greatly and depends on the choice of meat, the preservatives, and the preservation technique.

5. A good jerky is very lean; fat usually causes spoilage.