Starlite Diner in Summerside re-opening

Ancelene MacKinnon
Published on December 7, 2015

Richard Palmer has big plans for the Starlite Diner.

The doors of the Summerside restaurant, located at Read’s Corner, will once again open to the public on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

Palmer has taken over the business from his mother, Gail Palmer, who bought it back in 2009.

“My mom is getting older, and she wasn’t interested in running it again,” he said. “I wanted to bring in some new ideas, and value and services for the customers.”

Palmer wanted to change things up to increase the restaurant’s appeal.

“We’re going to add TVs and have sports on throughout the week. We’re applying for a liquor license so we can have some pub nights with pizza, nachos and an extended menu.”

Patrick Jeno leased the Starlite in 2013, after it had been closed for an extended period; however, the business didn’t operate for very long.

Palmer said it’s a valuable piece of property.

“We were getting a lot of comments from the community that they wished the place was open.”

Darlene Ford, Palmer’s business partner and friend, hopes they will have the liquor license by next week, noting it, along with a new menu, will offer more variety to customers with the city’s nightlife.

“We put in a new pizza oven, and we’re making our own dough. We also have an experienced chef, Tom Donovan, and we have a seafood menu and our classic items like burgers, and chicken fingers. We look forward to participating in Burger Love, too,” said Ford.

“We’re also going to keep the dairy bar open all year-round. That’s a big part of the business, especially in the summer time. We’re hoping to have a patio, as well.”

Palmer said there seems to be a lack of places to eat in Summerside.

“There are a lot of people who are driving to Charlottetown to go out to dinner. We’re hoping to keep more of that crowd in Summerside.”

They have been working on plans for the restaurant since the fall, and feel ready to open on Tuesday.

“It’s an excellent, high-traffic location, and it’s a beautiful, little restaurant,” said Palmer. “It has a lot to offer in giving people another option for where they’re going to go for lunch and supper, and a night out.”