Job recruiter Christy Morgan brings hiring know-how to P.E.I.

Published on November 15, 2015

Christy Morgan freelances as an international recruiter based on the Island, where she also runs the Facebook pages, P.E.I. Jobs and P.E.I. Food Share.

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Worked as recruiter for 20 years in U.K., Australia prior to moving to Stratford

STRATFORD - Christy Morgan knew she was good at her job, recruiting employees for private companies all over the world but what Morgan really loved was helping people.

Now, she’s helping Islanders find jobs in their community.

“As a recruiter in the U.K. and Australia I was able to help and support people trying to find jobs but there was a certain level of salesmanship that came with the job that I didn’t enjoy at all,” she said in an interview.

Morgan worked as a recruiter for 20 years, prior to moving to Stratford with her husband and children.

She has worked in countries like Ireland, Australia and Germany helping people build resumes and cover letters and worked in several human resource departments.

“I really enjoy helping people find employment and I don’t think finding a job is necessarily a hard thing to do, but I do think people need help finding out what jobs are out there and how to get them and I think I help do that.”

She has started a Facebook page, P.E.I. Jobs, which lists job openings around the Island. Morgan runs the Facebook page out of her home and uses emails sent to her from companies and business around the Island and posts them on the page, and all for free.

Morgan got the idea from another Facebook page where mothers shared tips on childcare.

When she saw comments about the employment realities on the Island from several of the users, Morgan saw an opportunity to use social media to her advantage.

“It’s much easier to facilitate that searching process when all these tools are available,” said Morgan.

Morgan also runs a Facebook page called P.E.I. Food Share, which invites Islanders to take unused food or extra from their cupboards and donate it to people in the community struggling with food security.

“What’s great about P.E.I. Food Share is that it’s all done anonymously, so if you are having financial trouble and don’t want to be singled out, you can send a message privately to the page and ask for food from a specific post from another user,” said Morgan.

Morgan is now a mother of two toddlers, who take up a lot of her day.

“They are so energetic and sometimes you forget how much energy they can have, especially two small boys who want to do everything,” said Morgan.

“The great thing about the Island though is that we could raise a family here and I can still find time to freelance to pay the bills and help out our community.”