Gahan House opens location in Halifax

Published on August 9, 2014

Kevin Murphy, owner of the Murphy Group of restaurants in P.E.I., plans to open Gahan Pub in the old Hart & Thistle space on the waterfront.

©Metro Halifax photo by Jeff Harper

By Haley Ryan

Metro Halifax

A bubbly piece of Prince Edward Island is coming to the Halifax waterfront.

This September, The Gahan House is planning to open in the old Hart & Thistle Gastropub space at Historic Properties.

“It kind of all came together at once,” said Vanessa Smith, spokeswoman for Murphy Group of Restaurants, Gahan’s parent company.

“We’re excited to open and share what we do on P.E.I.”

Smith said they had been planning on expanding the popular Gahan House in Charlottetown to Halifax “for a long time,” and were approached about the Upper Water Street space a few weeks ago.

The historic location appealed to them because the Murphy Group uses many heritage buildings on P.E.I. for restaurants, Smith said.

The Gahan beers were bottled at the Charlottetown brewery in 2008, including Sir John A’s Honey Wheat Ale, which Smith said has won multiple awards.

“Our beer in Halifax has been getting more and more popular,” Smith said about the Gahan line available at NSLC stores.

Although Gahan and its sister brewery, the P.E.I Brewing Company, dominate the island craft beer market, Smith said there’s still enough room here to succeed alongside Propellor, Garrison and the North Brewing Company.

Smith said the Halifax location will brew a few seasonal beers on site, but most will be shipped over from Charlottetown.

“The craft beer industy is just blowing up right now and it has been for a couple years, even more so in Halifax,” Smith said. “I think that all the breweries offer something different.”

Details on renovations are undecided at this point, Smith said, so besides updating the current space slightly and opening in early September, the construction changes would happen down the road.

She said even though the Hart & Thistle recently closed in that space, following in the footsteps of multiple downtown bars, there will always businesses that “make it,” and some that don’t.

“We’re going to just see what comes,” she said.