Prince Edward Island company to launch new video game

Mathieu Evong
Published on February 23, 2014

Queen Bee Games Inc. producer Kathleen Cassidy and game designer Steven Cassidy plan for their new video game “Dirty Rascals” to be released in March. Kathleen is holding their baby Seylah.

©Photo special to The Guardian by Kathleen Cassidy

A new video game company on the Island is set to release its first game in March.

Queen Bee Games Inc., run by married couple Steven and Kathleen Cassidy of Argyle Shore, was established in April 2013. Their game, Dirty Rascals, is set to be released for iOS Android, PC and other consoles.

Queen Bee Games Inc. producer Kathleen said video games and art had been a passion for the two for many years.

“We’re both creatively minded people,” she said.

Steven, an animator whose previous experience includes the Disney show Jake and the Never Land Pirates, said he was concerned with designing a game that was accessible to everyone.

“There’s not a genre that it falls into,” Steven said.

The objective of the game is to pass through each chapter by leading your army in battle and beheading the opposing army’s king, said Steven.

He said he wanted to focus on making the game fun.

“It’s light on story. Stories (are) over done these days.”

Queen Bee Games Inc. is currently planning to release the game at $1.99 per download, but the company is keeping its options open.

“We want it in front of as many eyeballs as possible,” she said.

The company has big plans for the future, but plan to “go with the flow” for now, said Kathleen. “We’ll expand if we need to.”

The firm’s twitter account is @QueenBeeGames.