Indoor paintball facility opens

Published on February 15, 2014

A player takes part in a paintball game at the new Crossfire Adventure Paintball facility in Slemon Park in Summerside.

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SUMMERSIDE — P.E.I.’s only indoor paintball and airsoft facility opens today.

Crossfire Adventure Paintball, whose outdoor facility in Cavendish opened just a few years ago, has begun a second location in Slemon Park, Summerside.

And this one is a 6,000 square foot indoor facility where Crossfire will host both paintball and airsoft players during regular hours every weekend and by reservation weekdays.

Live action combat is a popular extreme sport.

Reball and Airsoft games are mission-based team combat scenarios which transform players into a battle hardened tactical unit using authentic gear and plenty of action.

Owner Dean Johnstone explains that technically they will not be using paintballs but will actually use what is called a reball.

Reball is exactly the same as paintball and utilizes the same equipment and rules. Reballs are made of soft rubber, are reusable and paint free.  They are shot at a lower velocity so they can actually hurt less than traditional paintballs. And unlike paintballs they do not break so participants get the fun of paintball without any of the mess.

“Since there is no messy paint involved we rely on the honesty of the players to admit when they were hit and to leave the game voluntarily” says Johnstone. “Naturally we have a referee with the players during the games but he can’t always be everywhere at once.”

Johnstone says Crossfire hopes to host a number of groups this winter, including birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sports teams, community groups, corporate events and fundraisers.

Next season Crossfire plans to utilize the decommissioned National Defence base, also located within Slemon Park. This huge outdoor area features several acres of underground bunkers, munitions buildings, bomb disposal facility and cars on actual streets, all within a huge fenced compound.

Crossfire’s indoor facility is located at 10 Oakwood Avenue in the Slemon Park complex off Highway 2 in St. Eleanors.

For more information go to or call (902) 213-0867.