Mariner Seafood workers quickly finding employment

Officials from three fish plants, Aqua Farm operation at job fair

Steve Sharratt
Published on April 16, 2013
Wade Fraser chats with Skills P.E.I. employee Angela Blanchard and Innovation Minister Allen Roach during a job fair held in Montague to help about 100 workers find employment after Mariner Seafoods announced it would not reopen this year.
Guardian photo

MONTAGUE — Former workers from Mariner Seafoods are expected to have few problems finding employment elsewhere, a job fair confirmed here Friday.

“I’ve got my name in everywhere and hope

something happens,” said affected worker Wade Fraser, who spent three years working at the Brudenell-based fish plant that boasted a payroll of more than $1  illion in the local economy.

The plant won’t be processing this year.

However, Fraser shouldn’t have too much of a problem, according to Skills P.E.I.  personnel who hosted the job fair at the local Wellness Centre.

Three fish plants and an Aqua Farm operation all had representatives here looking for workers as about 50 people filtered through looking for a job.

“I’m really hopeful that we’ll see the demand exceed the supply of workers,” said Blair Aitken of Skills P.E.I.

“There is a real demand for workers and I don’t think we’ll see many former employees not find work.”

Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley was on site at the job fair along with Innovation Minister Allen Roach.

“We had one plant already hire 30 workers before we even opened the job fair,’’ said Roach.

“People might have to travel a bit further, but things look very good.”

Plants like Beach Point and Seafood 2000 in Georgetown were at the fair looking for workers along with the North Lake operation that confirmed it would open this year under new Asian connection owners. Mariner Seafoods employed about 100 people.

“The employees of Mariner all lived in this region and if they all get hired, it means that payroll remains in the region and that’s a good thing,” said the minister.

The lobster fishing season will be in full swing in two weeks.