Pride in P.E.I.

Pride in P.E.I.
Guardian photo by Brian McInnis
Danny Evans was a popular feature in the parade.
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- August 31, 2016
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PRIDE is necessary; For those who have never had to live with discrimination, you absolutely do not know what you are talking about! Let us teach you. In Moncton where I lived, the gays and lesbians wanted a weekly dance. The only place that offered us space was a Howard Johnson on the outskirts of the city. We had to hire private security as part of the deal as the hotel did not want to be responsible for injuries to us!. The crowds that came were in the hundreds for these dances. Eventually an organization that had frequent functions at the hotel said either the gays go or we go. Well it was us that went, but I never blamed the hotel, they had to take care of their business. We have to deal with name calling while simply walking down the street. A large hotel in the city of Moncton had a lounge which was a great place to go, quiet music and comfortable furniture. We were escorted out and told that "our kind" was not welcome there. So yes, pride is necessary... we have come a long way since those days, so if we want to act up and dress up in a parade, it is to celebrate what we have accomplished... leave us alone. We now have rights. Let us celebrate!

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Dr. Wong August 30, 2016

Dr. David Wong is a consultant pediatrician in Summerside and recipient of 2012 Distinguished Community Paediatrician Award of Canadian Paediatric Society.

His column appears in the Guardian on the last Tuesday of every month.

If you have a question for Dr. Wong, mail it to Prince County Hospital, 65 Roy Boates Ave, Summerside, C1N 2A9.

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Canada Post strike August 29, 2016

Canadian Union of Postal Workers and corporation negotiating for more than nine months but are far apart on key issues including pay equity for rural carriers and proposed changes to the Canada Post pension plan.

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Cornwall bypass August 24, 2016

On June 28, 2016, the Province of P.E.I. announced a $65 million project to create a road system that will take the Trans-Canada Highway around the core area of Cornwall.

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Traffic engineer Alan Aitken, left, shows Cornwall business owner Bruce MacIsaac how vehicles will be diverted once construction begins on roundabouts at the Maypoint and Poplar Island intersections next month. The roundabouts are Phase 1 of a project that will see a new perimeter highway bypass Cornwall.
Blood-Service-Workers Strike August 23, 2016

Blood collection workers for Canadian Blood Services  have been on strike since September 2015, seeking guaranteed minimum number of hours for part-time workers as one of the major requests.

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In this file photo Sisira Siriwardane, a newcomer from Kenya now living in Charlottetown, dropped by to lend his support to eight employees of the Canadian Blood Services who have been on strike.