Pride in P.E.I.

Pride in P.E.I.
Guardian photo by Brian McInnis
Danny Evans was a popular feature in the parade.
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- October 28, 2016
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PRIDE is necessary; For those who have never had to live with discrimination, you absolutely do not know what you are talking about! Let us teach you. In Moncton where I lived, the gays and lesbians wanted a weekly dance. The only place that offered us space was a Howard Johnson on the outskirts of the city. We had to hire private security as part of the deal as the hotel did not want to be responsible for injuries to us!. The crowds that came were in the hundreds for these dances. Eventually an organization that had frequent functions at the hotel said either the gays go or we go. Well it was us that went, but I never blamed the hotel, they had to take care of their business. We have to deal with name calling while simply walking down the street. A large hotel in the city of Moncton had a lounge which was a great place to go, quiet music and comfortable furniture. We were escorted out and told that "our kind" was not welcome there. So yes, pride is necessary... we have come a long way since those days, so if we want to act up and dress up in a parade, it is to celebrate what we have accomplished... leave us alone. We now have rights. Let us celebrate!

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Food Seductress October 27, 2016

Chef Ilona Daniel’s food column, Food Seductress, runs on the last Thursday of each month.

Chef Ilona is ready to make your mouth water with a fresh, fearless and fabulous take on food. 

She lives on P.E.I., working as in instructor with the Culinary Institute of Canada. 

She has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show, Food Network Canada and the Untamed Gourmet.  Her work has also been featured in national publications, including Chatelaine.  She has also served as executive chef for P.E.I. Lt.-Gov. Frank Lewis, among many other accomplishments.

She welcomes comments from readers by email at or on Twitter:

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 Chef Ilona Daniel recommends using an ice cream scoop to portion out the biscuit dough.
U.S. Election 2016 October 22, 2016

Early voting is surging less than three weeks before the U.S. Election Day on Nov. 7.
As of Oct. 22, more than 5.3 million votes have been cast, far ahead of the pace at this time in 2012. While Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled an emotional television ad featuring the parents of a slain Muslim American Army captain this week, Donald Trump assured supporters he would have no regrets if he loses the presidential election because he was going all out in the final weeks of the campaign.

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Linda Jean Nicholson of Charlottetown, who voted in the U.S. election last week by absentee ballot, says the raucous campaign has been embarrassing and disturbing.
Melissa Shepard - Internet Black Widow October 18, 2016

Melissa Ann Shepard, also known as the “Internet Black Widow,” (who also went by Melissa Ann Friedrich as well as Millie Weeks) was once a resident of P.E.I. and has now gained notoriety for killing her husband, then poisoning and attempting to murder other intimate partners. She spent most of her life living in Lower Montague on P.E.I. and that’s where she married her husband Gordon Stewart. At one point they moved to Halifax, and soon after she drugged him, drove him to an abandoned logging road, and ran over him, twice.  She was later arrested for trying to kill a man in Florida, then the same to a man in Nova Scotia.

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Melissa Shepard, also known as the “Internet Black Widow”
Dylan Dingwell October 14, 2016

Dylan Dingwell  shot his brother to death in the home of their mother in January, 2011. since then he has been in and out of the justice system.

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Dylan Dingwell is seen in this November 2011 file photo