Viking Voyage

Mary MacKay, a veteran of The Guardian's lifestyles department, is sharing her Viking Voyage with TC Media readers as she follows the path of early Norse explorers hunting for Vinland.

MacKay is joining Prince Edward Island mariner Geoff Ralling on his sailing quest to retrace the seaward steps the Vikings took 1,000 years ago when they sailed from Greenland and discovered the New World.


Viking Voyage blog

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Video: Geoff Ralling sails from port to port in northern Newfoundland

Video: L'Anse Aux Meadows

Video: Viking Voyage sails home to P.E.I.

Video: Final Viking Voyage

Viking Voyage
Guardian features reporter Mary MacKay leaves this weekend to report on sailor Geoff Ralling’s Viking voyage. She will be reporting on the sailing adventure beginning next week. 
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Ben Eriksen
- December 20, 2014
- 19 h 00

First of all the flag is all wrong second it was the Danes not the Norwegians,plus they set sail from Iceland not Greenland.Why?because they ran out of "Wine" and my great great way back uncle Leif Eriksen was sent over to get the booze and also get some entertainer like Ray Charles he was busy so they brought back Steve Wonder and that's a

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