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The P.E.I. Liquor Control Commission recently made changes to the Liquor Control Act to allow people who eat at restaurants to buy and take out locally-made beer and alcohol. Do you think this is a good idea?

  • 19% Yes. It will do a great deal in promoting our Island-made beer and alcohol.
  • 24% Yes, but it shouldn't have to be just Island-made beer and alcohol. It should include all brands.
  • 57% No. If people want to buy beer and alcohol that way they can go to a liquor store. Our liquor stores sell Island-made beer and alcohol.

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The first Monday of August is a civic holiday in most Canadian provinces. Do you think it should be a holiday on P.E.I.?

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Do you think the province should ban cosmetic pesticides from areas accessed by children and seniors?

  • 24% No. An outright ban is not the answer. A lot of weeds and pests are worse than most sprays.
  • 19% Yes. It makes sense to have buffer zones around schools, seniors' complexes and hospitals, but not a blanket ban.
  • 57% Ban cosmetic pesticides altogether for residential use.

The RCMP has laid 31 counts of fraud, breach of trust and bribery against P.E.I. Senator Mike Duffy. What impact could these charges have on the outcome of the next federal election?

  • 21% No impact at all: What happens to Mike Duffy has no direct connection to Prime Minister Stephen Harper or the federal Conservatives.
  • 54% A significant impact: This shows a lack of judgment by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, as Harper appointed Duffy to the Senate.
  • 25% Depends on the outcome: Whether or not it impacts the outcome of the next federal election will depend on the outcome of the upcoming court case.

What is the best way to beat the summer heat?

  • 16% Seek out air-conditioned places
  • 9% Head to the beach, pool
  • 1% Take a cold shower
  • 9% Drink lots of cold beverages
  • 65% All of the above

Do you think the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program went too far?

  • 32% Yes
  • 68% No

Should the province have asked campground operators to open shelters for tourists during last weekend's storm?

  • 40% Yes
  • 60% No

Do you plan to attend the 2014 Celebration Zone in Charlottetown this summer?

  • 32% Yes
  • 68% No

Do your think Charlottetown's Canada Day fireworks lived up to the hype of being the best in Canada?

  • 19% Yes. They were awesome!
  • 81% No. They were the same as any other year.

This year's Canada Day fireworks display in Charlottetown will be the largest in the country. Do you think it's a waste of money?

  • 69% Yes
  • 31% No

Euston Street homeowners and residents are upset that a new adults-only store has moved into the neighbourhood. Do you think this is an appropriate location for this type of store?

  • 29% No. This is a residential neighbourhood and there are two schools nearby.
  • 52% Yes. It is an adult only store so anyone under 18 doesn't get in.
  • 19% There is no good place for this kind of store.

St. Joachim's church hall committee would not allow the Liberal Cardigan riding nomination meeting to be held at its hall because of the federal Liberal Party's stand on abortion. Do you agree with their decision?

  • 53% Yes
  • 47% No