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Justin Trudeau kicked the Liberal senators out of his party’s caucus last week in a bid to show he’s serious about cleaning up the Senate. Why do you think he did it?

  • 50% In think he did it as a political stunt.
  • 49% I think he did it as a first step towards reforming the senate.

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Who do you think will win the riding of Egmont in the federal election scheduled for Oct. 19?


NDP leader Mike Redmond wants to turn Fanningbank, the lieutenant governor's official residence, into a provincial museum. Do you think this is a good idea?


Rob Lantz says there needs to be a moratorium on school closures in the province. Do you agree?

Recent survey

With winter now settling in here on P.E.I., will you be traveling somewhere warm?

  • 27% Yes
  • 73% No

What should independent MLA Olive Crane do in the upcoming provincial election?

  • 13% She should run as a Progressive Conservative candidate.
  • 13% She should run as a Liberal candidate.
  • 20% She should run as an independent candidate.
  • 54% She shouldn't run at all.

Montague Town Council has decided to cancel its New Year's Levee celebration for the next three years. Do you think New Year's Levees are as popular as they once were?

  • 20% Yes
  • 80% No

Have you broken your New Year's resolution yet?

  • 32% Yes
  • 68% No

Do you plan to make a New Year's resolution?

  • 23% Yes
  • 77% No

Out of the options provided The Guardian has chosen Robert Ghiz's resignation as the News Story of the Year. Which story would you have chosen?

  • 28% Deadly and tragic fire in Charlottetown kills three teens.
  • 10% Lengthy and emotional debate over deep-water wells and P.E.I.’s future water supply.
  • 31% Shocking double homicide in eastern P.E.I.
  • 18% Sewing needles found in potatoes.
  • 13% Robert Ghiz resignation.

Did you overspend for Christmas?

  • 33% Yes
  • 67% No

Do you prefer a white Christmas or a green Christmas?

  • 51% A white Christmas.
  • 25% A green Christmas.
  • 24% It doesn't matter.

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League trade window opens Friday. What should the Charlottetown Islanders do?

  • 36% Tweak the roster. A few smaller moves to augment the talent that is here.
  • 28% Stand pat and let the players grow together.
  • 36% Blow it up and start over.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

  • 15% Yes, just finished.
  • 12% Yes, finished long ago.
  • 43% I am almost finished.
  • 21% No, haven't even started yet.
  • 9% No, I do my shopping on Christmas Eve.