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National Revenue Minister and Egmont MP Gail Shea added the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) to her list of portfolios, thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet shuffle on Friday. What should Shea's priority be for ACOA?

  • 27% ACOA has done great work in P.E.I. and throughout Atlantic Canada. Funding should be increased for ACOA.
  • 53% The federal government should not be picking winners and losers. It's never done a good job of it. ACOA should be scrapped.
  • 18% Maintain the status quo for ACOA in Atlantic Canada.

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How are you spending your labour day?


Do you think the path between Queen Street and Browns Court should be reopened?


Which of the four federal party leaders would you most like to see visit P.E.I.?


Is it time to stop holding the Terry Fox Run on the Confederation Bridge?


Do you think it is important to be bilingual?

Recent survey

Where do you shop for school supplies?

  • 1% Denis Office Supplies, Charlottetown
  • 5% Giant Tiger, Summerside
  • 36% Staples, Charlottetown
  • 22% Walmart, Charlottetown
  • 15% I go off island
  • 5% Internet
  • 16% Haven't started yet.

Should the price of gas continue to be regulated by IRAC or should the market dictate the price.

  • 27% IRAC has to regulate the price to protect smaller rural stations.
  • 73% The market should dictate the price, and gas stations will have to look out for themselves.

The City of Charlottetown will spend close to $600,000 filling in ditches this year. Do you think this is something the city should continue spending money on?

  • 29% Yes
  • 71% No

Do you feel safe in your home during a lightning storm?

  • 86% Yes
  • 14% No

Premier Wade MacLauchlan has completed his first 100 days in office. How do you think he is doing so far?

  • 42% Thumbs Up
  • 58% Thumps Down

Are you looking forward to the cooler days of fall?

  • 51% YES
  • 49% NO

Did you enjoy the Gold Cup Parade?

  • 14% Yes
  • 13% No
  • 73% Didn't go

Does last week's accident at the Sandspit in Cavendish make you nervous about getting on carnival rides?

  • 58% Yes
  • 42% No

What do you do to beat the summer heat?

  • 16% Go to the beach.
  • 1% Go to an air conditioned mall.
  • 1% Go to a public pool.
  • 12% A cool beverage on a patio.
  • 32% Stay inside.
  • 38% Nothing, after last winter I am enjoying every minute of it!

What do you think of emails from the Mike Duffy trial indicating he wanted more 'P.E.I.-isms' in his interviews regarding his expenses repayment plan?

  • 77% Insulting to Islanders.
  • 14% Part of the job.
  • 9% What Duffy trial?