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Results of the survey

A major urban folk festival is in the works for Victoria Park in Charlottetown in 2014. Do you agree with the event being held at Victoria Park?

  • 37% I think the festival should be held at Victoria Park. There is lots of room to spread the stages around.
  • 50% I think the festival should be held at the new event grounds on Grafton Street. After all, that is why it was built.
  • 12% I think the festival should be held at Confederation Landing Park. Other successful events have been held there.

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Do you think there should be a day designated to Stompin' Tom Connors?


What are you planning for your valentine on Valentine's Day?


Do you agree with Charlottetown Council's new policy, starting in September, which will require everyone to wear a Canadian Standards Association or CSA-approved helmet at all times when out on the ice in city rinks?


Are you going to the James Taylor concert on May 16 at Credit Union Place in Summerside?


Should teachers who have criminal records be allowed to teach?

Recent survey

Are you just about fed up with winter?

  • 44% Yes
  • 32% No
  • 16% No, I love winter and being out in the snow
  • 8% I go south so I don't care about winter

Do you think the e-gaming lawsuit will ever go to trial?

  • 28% Yes
  • 72% No

Do you think the courts should have proceeded with five-year-old charges against Peter Mackey, who is charged with stealing a bottle of Powerade?

  • 21% Yes, that's the process that needs to take place.
  • 79% No, it would be a waste of the court's time and money.

Nearly half of Canada's local TV stations could be off the air by 2020, the national broadcast regulator was told during hearings recently. Should the CRTC step in to save local TV?

  • 42% Yes; something needs to be done to save local TV stations
  • 41% No; local TV should be able to survive on its on
  • 17% Who watches TV anymore?

Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

  • 45% Carolina Panthers
  • 55% Denver Broncos

Will the groundhog see his shadow?

  • 44% Yes
  • 56% No

Should the provincial NDP hold a leadership review?

  • 35% Yes, it's time for Mike Redmond to go.
  • 18% No, Mike Redmond is doing a good job.
  • 47% It won't make any difference to the party.

What do you think about the abortion access posters featuring an Anne of Green Gables likeness?

  • 21% It will definitely generate discussion about and attention to the issue.
  • 46% It is in poor taste, Anne is a childhood character and shouldn't be used for this purpose.
  • 33% I am just tired of this debate.

Will you be attending any of the P.E.I. Tankard at the Charlottetown Curling Complex this weekend?

  • 5% Yes
  • 95% No

Do you clean the lint trap and ductwork of your dryer regularly?

  • 31% Yes, I keep both cleaned out.
  • 58% I clean the lint trap regularly, but not the ductwork.
  • 6% I use my clothes line as much as possible.
  • 3% No, I don't even know where the lint trap is.
  • 2% I don't have a dryer.