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Results of the survey

Do you agree with the process employed by UPEI regarding the changes announced Monday concerning the athletic director and other department staff?

  • 27% Yes
  • 72% NO

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What do you think of the election results?


Are you planning to vote in today's election?


Do you think the National Basketball League final game forfeiture will impact the future of the league?


Would it benefit P.E.I. if all four party leaders won their seat in the election?


Are you going to watch Thursday night’s Guardian Leader’s Debate on Eastlink?

Recent survey

Do you think misprinted ballots cast in Saturday's advance poll will affect the outcome of the final vote in District 6?

  • 27% Yes
  • 73% No

How much of an impact does social media have in the election?

  • 35% A large impact
  • 32% Moderate impact
  • 33% Very little impact

Should the province or city pay to fix your vehicle if damaged by a pothole?

  • 64% YES
  • 36% NO

Do poll results influence how you vote in an election?

  • 6% Yes
  • 7% Somewhat
  • 87% No

Who do you think is winning the public's opinion in the Senator Mike Duffy trial?

  • 36% Mike Duffy and his legal team.
  • 64% The Crown prosecutor and its legal team.

Finance Minister, Joe Oliver, released the federal budget on Tuesday. What is your reaction?

  • 35% Thumbs up.
  • 65% Thumbs down.

Do you think the start of the spring lobster season will be delayed because of ice?

  • 72% Yes
  • 28% No

Will there be enough turnaround time for PC District 15 candidate Linda Clements to campaign before the May 4 election?

  • 59% Yes
  • 41% No

Do you think political attack ads work?

  • 43% YES
  • 57% NO

Do you think political attack ads work?

  • 57% YES
  • 43% NO