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Results of the survey

Do you believe the Holman Grand hotel will ever reopen? Homburg Invest Inc., which is under creditor protection, recently announced it was closing the Holman Grand after sustained losses.

  • 33% Yes, it will reopen under new, local ownership
  • 48% Yes, it will reopen, after being purchased by a big, international hotel chain
  • 17% No, that hotel will never reopen

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Do you think it is too dangerous to ride a bicycle in city traffic?


How much research do you do before signing your children up for day camp?


What are you doing to stay cool?


Do you think the frightening agent Avitrol should be legal to use in P.E.I. to scare away pigeons?


Do you think government is doing enough to prevent fish kills?

Recent survey

Are you paying attention to the U.S. election campaign?

  • 70% Yes
  • 27% No
  • 3% I will as the voting day draws closer

Are you paying attention to the U.S. election campaign?

  • 63% Yes, I find it interesting
  • 25% No, I am not at all interested
  • 12% I will as the voting day draws closer

Have you experienced a long wait at the Northumberland Ferries this summer?

  • 19% Yes
  • 19% No
  • 62% I use the Confederation Bridge

Have you ever experienced road rage?

  • 40% It has happened to me.
  • 11% I have done it to other drivers.
  • 14% I have witnessed it happening to someone else.
  • 35% No

Should the Town of Montague recognize Pride Week?

  • 39% Yes
  • 61% No

Are you following the Republican convention in the United States?

  • 43% Yes, I find it very interesting.
  • 8% No, it doesn't interest me.
  • 49% I am tired of hearing about it.

What do you think about the new Pokemon Go ap?

  • 6% It's great. I can't wait to try it.
  • 5% It's a fad. It won't last
  • 21% I'm worried it will lead to more use of hand-held devices in vehicles.
  • 68% I could care less.

Do you use sunscreen while outdoors?

  • 52% Yes
  • 38% No
  • 10% I don't believe it helps

Is the $23 million federal government money being put into P.E.I. Parks Canada sites money well spent?

  • 34% Yes
  • 57% No
  • 9% I don't care.

Have you gone swimming at the beach yet this summer?

  • 15% Yes
  • 74% No
  • 11% I tried, but it's still too cold.