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The provincial government recently filed a statement of claim against 13 tobacco companies and the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council seeking to recoup health care costs associated with smoking. They also have about $7 million invested in tobacco companies through the master trust. Do you think government should be investing in the tobacco industry while suing them?

  • 10% Yes
  • 89% No

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Should Wade MacLauchlan have voiced a private company's video advertisement?

Recent survey

What should be done with Victoria Row?

  • 16% It should be open to traffic year round.
  • 50% It should be closed to traffic during summer months up to October 31.
  • 34% It should be closed to traffic year round.

In light of the alleged assault, do you think there should be more safety precautions for people working at drive-thru windows.

  • 71% Yes, they are vulnerable because they work at all hours.
  • 29% No, safety precautions are fine.

Did the leaders' debates help you decide which party to support?

  • 21% YES
  • 79% NO

Will you be taking part in Farm Day in the City in Charlottetown on Sunday?

  • 26% Yes
  • 61% No
  • 13% Undecided

How far do you think the Toronto Blue Jays will go in this year's playoffs?

  • 13% Out in the first round.
  • 23% Win the American League pennant.
  • 64% Win the World Series.

What do you think about Don Cherry being inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame?

  • 66% Thumbs Up!
  • 34% Thumbs Down!

Will the new generic drug plan help you?

  • 18% Yes. It means I won't have to choose between medication and other important bills.
  • 14% It will help somewhat, but I will still have expenses that won't be covered.
  • 68% No. I have my own health plan, so I can't access the program.

Has the province released enough information on pesticide data?

  • 24% Yes
  • 76% No

Which candidate do you think is most at ease with the general public?

  • 27% Stephen Harper
  • 16% Thomas Mulcair
  • 39% Justin Trudeau
  • 18% Elizabeth May

What penalty, under the P.E.I. Dog Act, should have been imposed in the case of the dog attack on the sheep in Montague?

  • 78% I agree with the decision to have them euthanized.
  • 5% They should have been neutered or spayed.
  • 17% They should be constantly on a leash.