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Results of the survey

The provincial government recently filed a statement of claim against 13 tobacco companies and the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council seeking to recoup health care costs associated with smoking. They also have about $7 million invested in tobacco companies through the master trust. Do you think government should be investing in the tobacco industry while suing them?

  • 10% Yes
  • 89% No

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Should partisan political events be held in church halls?


Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that prayers cannot be recited before municipal council meetings in Saguenay, Que. Do you agree with this?


Do you think political advertisements leading up to the election are unnecessarily negative?


How do you think the potholes this spring compare to other years?


It has been two years since government implemented the 14% HST in P.E.I. What do you think will happen with the HST rate following the election?

Recent survey

Which political party won Week No. 1 of the P.E.I. election campaign?

  • 6% Green
  • 31% Liberal
  • 9% NDP
  • 54% PC

In light of the recent video released of Walter Scott being shot by a South Carolina police officer, has your faith in police enforcement been shaken?

  • 40% Yes.
  • 41% No.
  • 19% Somewhat.

How far do you believe the Charlottetown Islanders will go in the QMJHL playoffs?

  • 46% Quarter-finals.
  • 30% Semi finals.
  • 24% Finals.

Do you believe Mike Duffy will be found innocent or guilty of the 31 charges, including fraud and breach of trust, he is facing?

  • 51% Guilty.
  • 25% Innocent.
  • 24% Who knows.

Is the parole board releasing people too soon who have committed offences involving fatalities?

  • 91% Yes.
  • 9% No.

Do you think spring will ever make an appearance?

  • 36% Yes
  • 27% No
  • 37% I sure hope so

How much chocolate will you be eating this Easter weekend?

  • 19% Too much.
  • 43% None at all.
  • 38% Some.

Do you feel it was the right decision to remove Brooke MacMillan from the P.E.I. Liquor Commission?

  • 91% Thumbs up.
  • 9% Thumbs down.

Do you think there should be more rules for mobile food vendors?

  • 44% Thumbs up.
  • 56% Thumbs down.

Would crashes like the one in Halifax and the French Alps make you more fearful of flying?

  • 48% Thumbs up.
  • 52% Thumbs down.